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Testo 835-T2 : Infrared thermometer

Brand: Testo

Model No: 835-T2

Order Code: 0560 8352

Warranty: 1 Year

Stock Status : Instock

Price : 2,418.00 AED (Including VAT)

Ideal for use in the glass, ceramics, or the metal industry, the testo 835-T2 high temperature infrared thermometer is the ideal professional tool for a wide variety of thermal applications in the high temperature range. It has an extremely wide temperature range, for thermal measurements up to 2,732 °F, and can be used to measure small, hard to reach, moving, or very hot objects from a safe distance.

● The 4-point laser clearly indicates the measuring area and prevents incorrect measurements
● The 50:1 optics allow you to carry out measurements from a long distance, and still obtain excellent results (distance 15 ft. = 4 in. measuring spot)
● The integrated degree of emission table enables you to select the correct degree of emission of the measured surface
● The backlit display allows you to use your infrared thermometer in all lighting conditions

The testo 835-T2 can also be used to carry out contact temperature measurements. It has a connecting point for a wide range of optional temperature sensors. The temperature sensor can also be used to automatically measure the degree of emission of a particular surface. This makes it easier to carry out subsequent infrared measurements.
There is also a wide range of optional accessories – including a tripod and a robust carry case – that allows you to customize your testo 835-T2 infrared thermometer to suit your needs.
For easy analysis and easy use
The testo 835-T2 comes with an easy to follow menu, icons, and a user-friendly joystick. It can be used to create different measuring sites, save up to 200 readings, and record min/max values. The adjustable thresholds and visual and acoustic alarms make work more efficient, and life easier. The free to download software provides you with an easy means of analyzing your data.