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Tekneka 710 Coating Thickness Gauge

Brand: Tekneka

Model No: 710

Order Code: 710

Range: 0 to 2000μm

Warranty: 1 Year

Stock Status : Instock

Price : 499.00 AED (Including VAT)

Tekneka 710 is a handy-sized coating thickness gauge used to measure magnetic induction (ferrous) or eddy current (non-ferrous) to take non-destructive measurements of coating and dry film thickness (DFT) on metal substrates such as steel and aluminum. This single/continuous measuring mode ranges from 0 to 2000μm. Using standard foils, it is easy to do calibration adjustments with four points/zero-point option. It has fast measurement and the best repeatability with high accuracy of measured results. Users can store up to 80 readings in each multiple-group mode and transfer the data through easy coating software. This software can facilitate users to measure real-time data and represents it in the form of listed values/graphs/bars. This coating thickness gauge is ideal for painted and powder-coated surface testing, automotive paint inspection, coated material testing, and manufacturing quality control applications.


 LCD display with 128 x 128 dot matrix and backlight option
 It comes with a single and continuous measuring mode
 Very fast & best repeatability with high accuracy of measured results
 Measures both Fe & NFe materials up to 2000μm
 Accurate measurements on smooth, rough, thin, and curved surfaces
 Users can perform zero-point calibration and multi-point calibration (up to 4 points)
 Easy to recall the readings and delete specific readings
 Comes with an alarm feature to set high/low limits for each general group
 It can be interfaced with software for real-time measurement and data export
 Statistics Display: mean, minimum, maximum, and standard deviation
 General (GEN) mode helps the user to avoid data loss and store a maximum of 320 readings
 PC interface through USB and data export in “.txt” format
 Auto power off and low battery indicator
 Display screen flipping feature enables a convenient view at any position


 This Coating Thickness Gauge can be widely used to Test Car Paints, Electroplating, Surface Technology, Pipelines Anti-Corrosion Coating, Chemical Equipment, Mechanical Equipment Surface Anti-Corrosion, Inspection, and Quality Control of products.

Packing Includes

 710 Coating Thickness Gauge
 Standard Foils & Zero Plates
 2 x AAA Batteries
 USB Cable
 User Manual