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Testo 826-T4 : Infrared Thermometer

Brand: Testo

Model No: 826-T4

Order Code: 0563 8284

Warranty: 1 Year

Stock Status : Instock

Price : 842.00 AED (Including VAT)

Temperature checks of products and goods pallets are not only mandatory for incoming and outgoing goods, but also for the food manufacturing sector. With the testo 826-T4 penetration infrared thermometer you will have an HACCP-compliant and EN 13485-certified measuring instrument to hand which easily fulfils the HACCP regulations.
This is what the penetration infrared thermometer offers
You are especially reliant on quick, accurate measurement results for food controls in Incoming Goods. The slimline testo 826-T4 provides both and much, much more! See for yourself what the advantages of the HACCP thermometer are:
Fast, accurate measurement results: At 2 measurements a second, infrared measurement allows you to scan the surface temperature of your products really fast. And that with an outstanding resolution of 0.1 °C. Should stipulated limit values be reached or exceeded, the permanently attached penetration probe will provide you with absolute certainty. In fact, this enables accurate measurement of the core temperature of food, e.g. yoghurt, cheese, and meat, etc.
Temperature limit values at a glance: You can set up to two alarm limit values; as soon as these are exceeded or not attained, the HACCP thermometer will inform you by means of a visual and acoustic alarm signal. This means you do not have to look at the display permanently and yet have an eye on the temperature
Min./max. value display and hold function: The min./max. display shows the highest and lowest values from the last measurement. This allows for safe, reliable monitoring of the product temperature. You can keep the last measured temperature values on the display by using the hold button
6:1 optics and 1 point laser measurement spot marker: The 1 point laser marks the centre of the object being measured during infrared measurement. The 6:1 optics of the infrared thermometer is suitable for measurements at closer to medium distances.
In every respect HACCP: The penetration infrared thermometer is HACCP-compliant and certified in accordance with EN 13485. This makes it perfect for the food sector
Practical accessories included: testo 826-T4 is equipped with the robust, watertight TopSafe protective case compliant with protection class IP67. If necessary, the TopSafe case can be cleaned in the dishwasher. The supplied frozen produce pre-driller even allows you to measure the core temperature of frozen foods. Safe storage of the HACCP thermometer is ensured by the wall/belt holder and the protective probe cap for the penetration probe.