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Testo Stainless Steel Pitot Tube For Measuring Flow Velocity, 1000mm, Ø7mm

Brand: Testo

Model No: 0635 2345

Order Code: 0635 2345

Range: 1 to 100m/s

Stock Status : Instock

Price : 1,699.00 AED (Including VAT)

Use the robust, 1000mm long Pitot tube with a diameter of 7mm for measuring flow velocity (in combination with a compatible measuring instrument/probe).
 For measuring flow velocity
 Ideal for high flow velocities and heavily contaminated flow

General Data

 Length Probe Shaft: 1000mm
 Diameter Probe Shaft: 7mm
 Product Colour: Silver
 Product/Housing Material: Metal housing
 Operating Temperature: 0 to 600°C
 Weight: 235g