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Testo Exceptionally Fast Temperature Probe (TC Type K)

Brand: Testo

Model No: 0602 0493

Order Code: 0602 0493

Range: -40 to 1000°C (-40 to 1832°F)

Stock Status : Instock

Price : 720.00 AED (Including VAT)

This thermocouple (TC) temperature probe with a flexible, low-mass tip is suitable for air temperature measurements and also for measurements in liquids and pastes - particularly in small-volume media, e.g. Petri dishes. You can also carry out temperature measurements on surfaces if you fix the temperature probe in place at the measuring point, for example with adhesive tape. Thanks to its very thin tip, which is 0.25mm in diameter, the temperature probe has an exceptionally short response time of just 1 second. Therefore it is able to record very brief temperature peaks and is also suitable for air temperature measurements. The temperature probe can record both very low and extremely high temperatures: -40 to 1000°C. It has an oval (2.2mm x 1.4mm) FEP-insulated, 2m long thermocouple cable. The thermocouple cable can be pushed through narrow openings such as slits in doors or refrigerator seals. It is heat-resistant up to 200°C. This Type K, Class 1 thermocouple probe has (within the measuring range -40 to 1000°C) a standardized accuracy of ±1.5°C or 0.004 x I t I (the higher value applies). This means that at a temperature of 500°C, this probe has an accuracy of ±2°C (since 0.004 x 500°C = 2°C).

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 Testo Exceptionally Fast Temperature Probe (TC Type K)