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Tekneka T500 Single Channel Thermometer Data Logger

Brand: Tekneka

Model No: T500

Order Code: T500

Range: -200 to 800°C

Warranty: 1 Year

Stock Status : 2 - 4 Weeks

Price : 560.00 AED (Including VAT)

Tekneka T500 is a single-channel thermometer data logger that measures temperature using PT100 and PT1000 probes in accordance with the platinum resistance temperature measuring principle. With a real-time temperature change curve, it measures temperatures between -200 and 800°C. It has a multi-point calibration feature to improve measurement accuracy that has reached ±0.015ºC and gives an audible beep alarm for high/low limits. Without the need for any additional software, it can export data in the TXT, CSV, XLS, or DLG formats to a PC and save up to 20,000 readings of data with customized logging intervals. It has a 2.3-inch dot matrix LCD screen with a backlight, a data-holding feature, the ability to easily switch units from °C to °F, and the ability to see MIN/MAX/AVG values.


 2.3-inch dot matrix LCD screen with backlight
 Storage capacity of 20,000 recorded readings
 Works on platinum resistance temperature measuring principle
 The real-time temperature change curve
 Ability to view MIN/MAX/AVG numbers when recording
 If the High/Low limits are exceeded, an audible buzzer alarm is available
 Multipoint calibration option & accuracy of ±0.015ºC after calibration
 No software is needed to set sample intervals and export data
 It has the capacity to HOLD current measurement data
 Easy to change temperature units & probe type
 Battery level indication to avoid sudden power off
 Export recorded data to TXT, CSV, XLS, or DLG format
 It has 120 hours of battery life and a 32-bit high-speed low-power MCU


 This single-channel thermometer data logger has a wide range of applications in the Chemical Production Industry, Process Plant Facilities, Agricultural Greenhouses, Breeding Facilities, Pharmaceuticals, Labs, Hospitals, Appliance Testing, and Production Facilities.

Packing Includes

 T500 Thermometer
 3 x AAA 1.5V Batteries
 Micro-USB Cable
 PT1000 Temperature Probe - 1 Meter
 Protection Case with User Manual