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Tekneka 2030-5A DC Power Supply (30V/5A/150W)

Brand: Tekneka

Model No: 2030-5A

Order Code: 2030-5A

Warranty: 1 Year

Stock Status : Instock

Price : 780.00 AED (Including VAT)

The Tekneka 2030-5A is a linear programmable DC power supply that has an output power of 150W, voltage of 30V, and current of 5A. The front panel output terminalʼs multi-range capability allows for flexible and efficient voltage and current adjusting within the rated power range. The 2030-5A offers efficient and dependable power for trouble-free operation. It is stable with minimal ripple and has all the protection features which is needed. It can produce constant current (CC) and constant voltage (CV) allowing for constant variable output within the rated range. Users can keep pre-set values, such as the OVP/OCP limit value, and calling the output directly is quite easy. Features of this model include a PC programmable interface with data export, storable output parameters, high and low alarm (OVP/OCP) limitations, and an extremely compact and lightweight design.


 High-precision device with a stable 30V and 5A output
 Features for graphical and digital trend displays are included
 For easy reference, it displays the output voltage and actual power
 Fan speed is automatically adjusted by an intelligent cooling system
 CC/CV output that is stable and modifiable within the rated range
 Incorporates OVP/OCP protection and an alarm feature
 To prevent unintentional disruption, use the parameter lock option
 10 preset output value storage memories are available
 Multiple set values auto power supply based on a preset list
 Soft switching architecture that reduces noise and ripple
 The software can be used to operate it and export the test results as .CSV file type
 Simple to modify the memoryʼs pre-set values for voltage and current


 R&D laboratory
 Power supply for radio frequency
 Microwave circuits or components
 Feature verification and fault diagnosis of devices or circuits
 Quality control & inspection
 Automotive electronic circuits
 Automation testing in production field
 University/testing laboratory

Packing Includes

 Power Cord
 CD (user manual + software)
 250V 3A Fuse
 USB AB Type Cable