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Siglent SDG6052X 500MH, 2 Channels Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Brand: Siglent

Model No: SDG6052X

Order Code: SDG6052X

Range: 500MHz

Warranty: 1 Year

Stock Status : 2 - 4 Weeks

Price : 20,591.00 AED (Including VAT)

Siglent's SDG6000X is a series of Dual-Channel Pulse / Arbitrary Waveform Generators that feature up to 500MHz bandwidth, a maximum sample rate of 2.4GSa/s, and 16-bit vertical resolution. They also include proprietary TrueArb & EasyPulse technology that helps to solve the weaknesses inherent in traditional DDS generators when generating arbitrary, square, and pulse waveforms. In addition, the SDG6000X is a multi-function device that can generate Noise, IQ signals, and PRBS patterns. These features enable the SDG6000X to provide a variety of high fidelity and low jitter signals, meeting the growing requirements of complex and intensive applications.


 Dual-Channel, 500MHz maximum bandwidth, 20Vpp maximum output amplitude, high fidelity output with 80dB dynamic range

 High-performance sampling system with 2.4GSa/s sampling rate and 16-bit vertical resolution and multi-function signal generator, meeting requirements in a wide range

 Continuous Wave Generator: Up to 500MHz sine wave, supporting sweep and user-defined harmonics. Low-cost replacement of RF signal generators below 500MHz

 Pulse Generator: Up to 150MHz Pulse, with finely adjustable width, rising edge, and falling edge; 3.3ns minimum width and 1ns minimum edge at a full frequency range

 Function Arbitrary Waveform Generator: Basic Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator and complex signals generating capability including modulation, sweep, burst, and waveform combination

 IQ Signal Generator: Base Band and IF IQ signals supporting basic modulation and an arbitrary symbol rate between 250 Symb/s to 37.5 MSymb/s

 Noise Generator: Up to 500MHz bandwidth White Gaussian Noise with adjustable bandwidth

 PRBS Generator: Up to 300Mbps PRBS3 to PRBS32 with fine bit rate and edge adjustments