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PCE-WSAC 50W 230 Crane Anemometer

Brand: PCE

Model No: PCE-WSAC 50W 230

Order Code: PCE-WSAC 50W 230

Warranty: 6 Months

Stock Status : Instock

Price : 5,597.00 AED (Including VAT)

Crane Anemometer PCE-WSAC 50W 230 is primarily used to measure and monitor the wind load on cranes or wind turbines. Furthermore, the wind situation can be measured and analyzed before commissioning a wind turbine. The crane anemometer PCE-WSAC 50W 230 is equipped with alarm relay for a pre-alarm or main alarm. Due to the high measuring range of up to 50 m / s of the crane anemometer, stormy gusts can also be monitored. The radio range of the anemometer is in the open field up to 750 m / 2500 ft in the free frequency band of 2.4 GHz. When installing the display of the crane anemometer PCE-WSAC 50W 230 in buildings, a range of up to 60 m / 200 ft can be achieved for the wind sensor. Due to the integrated 4 ... 20-mA analogue output of the wind alarm display, the measured data can also be transferred to other controllers for evaluation. A big number of human activities in many spheres, professional and leisure depend on the ambient conditions and wind in particular. To provide guaranteed normal functioning and safety, high constructions, bridges, buildings, masts, equipment etc must be installed in accordance with the requirements and be stable in order to resist the possible weather changes. Seamen, professional and amateur, no matter whether it is a long voyage or a short fun sailing trip must never leave the shore unprepared. A crane anemometer is an indispensable device that should be at any ship or boat, as well as in the harbour and ports where there are lots of moored and sailing ships. Careful and accurate measurement of the wind speed and direction may give a timely indication and warning and thus, become life-saving. It also gives a clear picture about the level of danger and whether the wind remains within the permissible range or is likely to go far beyond the safety norm. Besides, safety is a big issue in the port loading facilities. The constructions are high, loads – very heavy, the concentraation of cranes is dense and thus, the consequences after sudden unexpected change in the weather conditions may be quite aggravating. Weather forecasting service is never neglected in this sector. Monitoring the changes in the weather and wind in particular may prevent tremendous financial loses which may occur in the ports. Unexpected storm, hurricane, gusts of wind – may cause traffic jams, chaos, delays in deliveries, loading and offloading. Measures of precaution taken in vain based on nothing may also lead to the same results. That is why application of the reliable equipment capable of providing accurate information about the coming weather changes is of paramount importance. A crane anemometer is one of the main instruments in the complicated weather forecasting system. The measurements received with the help of the crane anemometer may be taken for a better and more sufficient organization of the harbour/port work. Preliminary anticipation of the worsening weather conditions allows to adjust the schedule, to reduce the amount of the loose objects, to reduce the height of heavy equipment, calculate the speed of the ships coming and leaving the ports, prepare for poor visibility etc. Costs spent on the weather service equipment are definitely multiply paid back over the time. A big number of people consciously choose hiking and camping for holidays. Staying outdoors in a tent or even a trailer, is always connected with certain risks and weather is one of them. Not always summer is a guarantee of a perfect weather. That is why experienced and careful travellers choose to have some simple auxiliary tools while traveling, and a crane anemometer is one of them. Wind and changeable weather conditions may carry serious dangers to such a famous and popular type of entertainment as funicular. The safety of the passengers in the cabins must be provided not only due to the perfect technical condition and maintenance, but also due to the permanent weather monitoring and timely notification in case of the serious changes. Extreme wind gusts may cause excessive swinging of the cabin and breakage of the cable lines. Similar reasons for continuous crane anemometer application may be mentioned when it goes about outdoor entertainment parks, feasts, festivals. As a rule, big people gatherings are concentrated around stages, moving carousels and different attractions, which as a rule, are presented by high heavy constructions. Weather must never be neglected during such events, because, from the one side, sudden hurricane, wind, thunderstorm may cause panic among people and there will be a mess, and form the other side, the wind velocity and strength may exceed the permissible safety limits set for the construction and thus, cause their collapse, damage and rollover. Timely prediction of bad weather conditions under such circumstances may be life-saving and it ensures that required preventive measures may be taken (stopping of the equipment, cancellation of the event, notification to the visitors) without aggravating consequences. Not the least important application field of the crane anemometer is, of course, in the construction field. The equipment used for lifting weights has, in the meanwhile, become very technologically developed, but also extremely heavy and bulky (construction of skyscrapers, bridges, towers). The operation of such heavy machinery cannot be stopped immediately in case of an inappropriate working conditions. Continuous and very accurate monitoring of the conditions at a particular location are indispensable, since it goes about life and safety of the people working on the object, the equipment itself and also the object that is in the process of the construction, since the cranes are usually within a close proximity to it. Delays and procrastination cause the construction company large sums of money, but at the same time unjustified risks of running the equipment under unfavourable conditions are much higher. Monitoring of the current as well as coming weather conditions allows managing the working time correctly and justifies the required shutdowns in case of emergency. Knowing the accurate data about coming weather changes ensures that the personnel is not endangered and the equipment, in particular, cranes are safely stored, disassembled or fixed reliably. Cranes nowadays are often capable of withstanding extreme impacts from hurricanes, due to their construction, position and type of the jib and design, but there is no doubt, that one may never be too careful when it goes about safety. That is why an application of the instruments for weather monitoring must be continuous and provide not only live information but also for the nearest future, so that there was enough time to coordinate work without panic and alarm. ● Robust plastic housing ● Units: km / h, mph, m / s ● 4 ... 20-mA analog output ● 128 x 64 pixel LC display ● Alarm relay ● Measuring range up to 180 km / h ● Durable stainless steel ball bearings ● Ambient temperature -20 ... 70°C / -4 ... 158°F ● Radio transmission