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PCE-LES 103UV-385 UVA LED Stroboscope

Brand: PCE

Model No: PCE-LES 103UV-385

Order Code: PCE-LES 103UV-385

Warranty: 6 Months

Stock Status : 2 - 4 Weeks

Price : 3,220.00 AED (Including VAT)

Motion analysis of rotating machines is quick and easy with our UV stroboscope. The UV stroboscope is equipped with 3 high-power UVA LEDs (385 nm), which together generate a light intensity of 317 μW/cm² at a distance of 30 cm. The UV stroboscope allows the flash frequency to be set in FPM and Hz. At the same time, it is small, handy, and independent of the power supply thanks to its rechargeable battery. The UV stroboscope is operated intuitively using 10 buttons, allowing quick settings to be made. The observation point can be variably shifted using the phase shift. The pulse width can be used to set the duration and therefore also the intensity of the flash frequency. In the settings menu, you can select the display brightness and switch off the display after a period of inactivity, which extends the battery life. The UV stroboscope is supplied with a USB-C charging cable in a service bag. UV stroboscopes are indispensable tools for monitoring and inspecting production facilities, e.g. in the printing and textile industries. But also for general maintenance and inspection tasks in all industrial sectors. They also enable non-contact speed and vibration measurement: if the flash frequency of the UV stroboscope matches the movement frequency, the measured object appears stationary.