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PCE-CT 5000H Coating Thickness Gauge

Brand: PCE

Model No: PCE-CT 5000H

Order Code: PCE-CT 5000H

Range: 0 to 5000μm (F)/0 to 3000μm (N)

Warranty: 6 Months

Stock Status : Instock

Price : 1,470.00 AED (Including VAT)

PCE-CT 5000H is a coating thickness measuring instrument used for the rapid determination of coating thicknesses on ferrous (Type F) and non-ferrous (Type N) metals. The coating thickness gauge automatically detects the type of metal to be measured. The PCE-CT 5000H coating thickness gauge uses magnetic induction (ferrous) or eddy current (non-ferrous) to take non-destructive measurements of coating and dry film thickness (DFT) on metal substrates such as steel and aluminum. This thickness gauge is ideal for painted and powder-coated surface testing, automotive paint inspection, coated material testing, and manufacturing quality control applications. Alarm limits can be set in the coating thickness gauge to notify the user when a coating is too thick or too thin. If a coating thickness measurement falls outside the established limits, a message appears on the display to alert the user.


 Designed for non-destructive testing and inspection
 Measures coating thickness on Fe and nFe metals
 Displays measuring units in μm, mm, or mils
 Saves up to 2000 measurements to internal memory
 Practical V-groove on the measuring head
 One- to four-point and zero calibration
 Comfortable one-handed operation
 Programmable alarm limits
 High measuring range
 High measuring accuracy
 Automatic shutdown