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PCE-CBA 20 Automotive Tester / Car Battery Tester

Brand: PCE

Model No: PCE-CBA 20

Order Code: PCE-CBA 20

Warranty: 6 Months

Stock Status : Instock

Price : 326.00 AED (Including VAT)

 The Automotive Tester tests 12 V and 24 V starter batteries. The vehicle battery tester checks the condition of the car battery via the battery voltage in the charging cycle, when starting or when idling. The battery tester uses the battery voltage to determine whether the starter battery is still functional. The battery tester also shows the status of the battery in% on the LC display and makes a recommendation as to whether the starter battery should be replaced if necessary.

When testing the battery with the car battery tester when the car is started, the voltage drop of the battery is measured by the test device. The voltage difference provides information about the condition of the 12V or 24 V battery. In addition to checking the battery, the car battery tester can also test the alternator from the car. All measured values and test results are displayed on the LCD. The battery tester uses Kelvin clamps on 70 cm long measuring leads to measure the battery voltage.

To carry out the measurement, the car battery tester must first be connected to the battery. As soon as the car battery tester is connected, it switches on by itself. In order for the car battery tester to switch on automatically, the battery to be tested must have a residual voltage of 9 V and not more than 35 V. The car battery tester is thus supplied with voltage via the battery to be tested. Therefore, the car battery tester does not require any supply voltage from another battery or from the mains voltage. Finally, a few specifications of the battery must be entered in the vehicle battery tester, including the voltage and the type of the battery. Then the measurement mode for the car battery tester can be selected. Thus, for example, the charging voltage of the alternator or also the CCA can be measured with the car battery tester.

CCA stands for “cold cranking amps” and means cold start current. This specifies the maximum current that the battery can provide at -18 ° C and the duration of 30 s. The vehicle battery tester can carry out also this measurement. Due to its extensive functionality and ease of use, the car battery tester is a must-have tool in any car workshop and should never be missing there.

The battery should be checked for its current condition at regular intervals with the help of the automotive battery tester to avoid a sudden failure of the battery. Especially in the winter months, it happens that the car battery suddenly has not enough power to start the engine. With the car battery tester, the current status of the battery can be determined in advance.

- 12 V and 24 V starter batteries testable
- Kelvin connection cables
- LCD display
- Short measurement time
- Cold start current measurement
- DIN, JIS, EN, SAE batteries testable