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Mitutoyo 192-614-10 Digimatic Height Gauge, Range 0-600mm

Brand: Mitutoyo

Model No: 192-614-10

Order Code: 192-614-10

Range: 0-600mm

Warranty: 1 Year

Stock Status : 2 - 4 Weeks

Price : 5,640.00 AED (Including VAT)

The Mitutoyo 192-614-10 is a Standard Type Digimatic Height Gauge with SPC output that achieves highly accurate height measurements with improved ease of operation. Measurements are shown on an easy-to-read LCD display. It provides precise measurement in a unit that is easy to use. This height gauge has a rigid, double-column structure which ensures high measuring accuracy and repeatability. The included carbide-tipped long scriber is highly durable and provides accurate marks on your workpiece.


 Range: 0-600mm
Resolution: Switchable between 0.01mm and 0.005mm
Accuracy: +/- 0.05mm
Technology: Digimatic
Weight: 8.3kg