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Mitutoyo 103-147-10 : Outside Micrometer Range 250-275mm

Brand: Mitutoyo

Model No: 103-147

Order Code: 103-147-10

Stock Status : Instock

Price : 597.00 AED (Including VAT)

103-147-10 Outside Micrometer - with Ratchet Stop: 250-275mm

The Mitutoyo 103-147-10 Micrometer has the following specifications:
● Range: 250-275mm
● Graduation: 0.01mm
● Accuracy: +/- 5um
● Mass(g): 1405

● Hammertone-green, baked-enamelfinished frame.
● Ratchet Stop or Friction Thimble for exact repetitive readings.
● With a standard bar except for 0-25mm model.

Technical Data
● Graduation: 0.01mm, 0.001mm
● Flatness: 0.6µm for models up to 300mm; 1Ìm for models over 300mm
● Parallelism: (2+R/100)µm, R=max. range (mm)
● Measuring faces: Carbide tipped
Note: Models with a range up to 1000mm are available