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Hioki Z3210 Wireless Adapter

Brand: Hioki

Model No: Z3210

Order Code: Z3210

Stock Status : Instock

Price : 295.00 AED (Including VAT)

Easy! Just connect the Z3210 Wireless Adapter to your Hioki-compatible instrument, to make it Bluetooth® ready. Wirelessly connect Hioki-compliant instruments with a simple connection. Transmit measured values to your tablet or smartphone.


 Increase your work efficiency, by eliminating human errors from manual reporting
 Provide additional new functions for Hioki instruments such as waveform display & more
 Transfer readings on instruments to easy-to-read graphical reports to prove integrity
 Compliance with wireless regulations in more than 50 countries and regions
 Increase your work productivity & save costs

Easily transfer measurement data to an Excel® file

 Measurement data can be directly transferred and input to file forms created by Excel®. (Available in Ver. 2.10 and later).
 Excel® Direct Input function allows you to input measurement values directly and automatically into an Excel® file once the instrument's auto-hold function is activated.
 Please download and try using our sample forms (demo sheets) from the [Downloads] tab.

Instantly create reports by a free app (GENNECT Cross)

 GENNECT Cross, a free app designed specifically for use with Hioki measuring instruments, lets you check and manage measurement results and create reports.
 The software provides a range of functionality that helps manage data in the field, including photographing measurement sites, placing measurement results on photographs, and saving handwritten memos.

Supports labor savings by preventing transcription errors

 Previously, measured values were recorded by hand and then they were typed at the office. By making measurements wireless, it will prevent transcription errors from paper to PC, save labor, and reduce work hours.

Compliance with wireless regulations in more than 50 countries and regions

 Even wireless technologies with low signal strength must meet the regulations of each country. Z3210 complies with wireless regulations in more than 50 countries and regions and does not violate the regulations when it is used in the countries and regions.

Compatible Products

 Hioki CM4001 AC Leakage Clamp Meter

 Hioki PD3259-50 Digital Phase Detector

 Hioki FT6380-50 Earth Resistance Tester

 Hioki FT6031-50 Earth Resistance Tester

 Hioki IR4057-50 Insulation Resistance Tester

 Hioki BT3554-51 Battery Tester

 Hioki BT3554-52 Battery Tester

Note: Z3210 cannot be used by itself. Wireless communication will be possible by connecting to a compatible measuring instrument.