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Hioki DT4261 Digital Multimeter

Brand: Hioki

Model No: DT4261

Order Code: DT4261

Warranty: 1 Year

Stock Status : Instock

Original price Price Was : 1,323.00 AED
Current price Price : 860.00 AED (Including VAT)
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The Hioki DT4261 Digital Multimeter offers all the necessary features required by professional technicians around the world with a super-fast response rate and safety features that take electrical testing to the next level.


 Terminal shutter closes on unused terminals depending on the measurement function: The DT4261’s terminal shutters are linked to the instrument’s rotary switch. They block access to test lead terminals that aren’t being used, making it physically impossible to insert a lead into the wrong terminal.

 Prevents incorrect current measurement with the Fuse Check function: When switching from the clamp function to the current function, a fuse disconnection check is automatically performed. This allows the user to know if the fuse is broken before the current measurement, which prevents erroneous measurement.

 Automatic switching of measurement in locations where AC and DC voltages are mixed: When making measurements in locations with both AC and DC voltages, automatic switching eliminates the need to operate the rotary switch and helps prevent measurement mistakes.

 Test leads with an integrated cap for greater convenience and safety: The L9300 test lead with an integrated cap is included as a standard. The finger guard can be easily slid to switch between measurement categories without worrying about losing the cap.