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Guide H3+ Intelligent Thermal Camera

Brand: Guide

Model No: H3+

Order Code: H3+

Range: -40 to 150°C, 0 to 650°C (Support auto-switching)

Warranty: 1 Year

Stock Status : Instock

Price : 12,600.00 AED (Including VAT)

With a built-in self-developed high-sensitivity IR detector, an 8MP visible light camera, and 5 focusing modes, Hammer Series, the high-precision thermal camera designed specifically for the industrial field helps users intuitively view high-definition images and temperature details of the target, with the classic "hammer" shape. 30Hz infrared frame rate for fast and accurate access to more temperature data of moving targets, far beyond the same level of products.


 A new generation of self-developed infrared focal plane detectors with a resolution of 384 x 288 coupled with super-resolution reconstruction for high-quality imaging
 IR video of raw data with frame rates up to 30Hz, ready to screenshot for temperature analysis
 IR, VL, MIF, and PIP modes provide a visual view of the target temperature data and automatically present the highest, lowest, and central temperatures of the full-screen
 Upgrading speed increased by 25%, docking to WMS(Warehouse Management System)


 Mechanical & Electrical
 Building & HVAC Inspection
 Smart Manufacturing
 Smart Hardware