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Elitech RC-51H USB Temperature and Humidity Data Logger, Range -30 to 70°C

Brand: Elitech

Model No: RC-51H

Order Code: RC-51H

Range: -30 to 70°C/10 to 95%RH

Warranty: 1 Year

Stock Status : Instock

Price : 147.00 AED (Including VAT)

Elitech RC-51H Waterproof USB Temperature and Humidity Data Logger is ideal for pharmaceuticals, medical cabinets, fresh food cabinets, laboratories, etc. You can use it to monitor and record temperature in cold chain management which requires a quick response data logger. All Elitech Waterproof USB temperature and humidity data loggers are durable and strong due to their transparent waterproof and crashproof PC casing. Every part is subjected to strict quality inspection as per the FDA & CE standards.

Every Elitech Waterproof USB temperature data logger has a multifunction LCD display, large memory capacity, 2-year battery life, LED, and ability to auto-generate data reports. This makes the RC-51H temperature and humidity data logger convenient and efficient equipment to monitor the temperature of sensitive goods. The pen-style design, multiple temperature zone statistics, and multiple options of time zones make it adaptable and versatile equipment in all industries. A compact design, multiple times of start and stop, and one-button operation makes it easy to use. This Elitech data logger features a replaceable battery, unique MKT algorithm, IP67 high protection grade, and one-button operation.