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DeltaTrak 40535: FlashLink USB PDF -80°C In-Transit Logger / 5 Days

Brand: DeltaTrak

Model No: 40535

Order Code: 40535

Stock Status : Instock

Price : 357.00 AED (Including VAT)

DeltaTrak’s FlashLink® USB PDF -80°C In-Transit Loggers are ideal cold chain management tools for monitoring temperature sensitive commodities that must be frozen and travel through the supply chain at very low temperatures, especially those shipped with dry ice. This single-use data logger is equipped with a USB connector and on-board software to enable immediate download of data when a load arrives. It provides temperature history as PDF and CSV reports, and can be purchased in 5, 15, 45, and 75 day logging periods. Its patented Shadow Log™ feature guarantees that trip data is available even if the operator fails to start the unit.

FlashLink® USB PDF -80°C In-Transit Loggers are ideal for monitoring the transport of Time and Temperature Sensitive (TATS) materials such as carbon fiber prepreg, which are typically shipped with dry ice in order to keep them frozen. They can also be used to track shipments of biological materials for the Life Science industry. The loggers provide a complete record of temperature conditions during shipping and handling, helping to ensure and verify the quality and safety of these costly materials.

* If logger is continuously subjected to -80°C, battery will last up to 50 days.

● Large, easy to read LCD display
● Trip history statistics available on LCD
● Remaining battery life indication (low battery)
● Compact, single-use temperature logger
● Built-in USB connector, no special reading device needed
● NIST traceable, CE Mark, BSS 7061 Compliant
● IP54 water-resistant rating
● On-board software automatically creates secure PDF report
● Patented Shadow Log™ feature guarantees data even if the operator fails to start the unit

Applications: (TATS) material: carbon fiber prepreg, biological materials, dry ice shipments