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DeltaTrak 20908: FlashLink Reusable USB Data Logger

Brand: DeltaTrak

Model No: 20908

Order Code: 20908

Warranty: 1 Year

Stock Status : Instock

Price : 210.00 AED (Including VAT)

The FlashLink® USB Reusable Data Logger can monitor temperature sensitive commodities in storage facilities, processing environments and during transportation. The built-in USB connector allows for easy programming of logging parameters and downloading recorded data to a PC. Users can configure sample intervals, high and low alarm limits, automatic or manual start, skip alarm, alarm delay, record data in loop mode or to stop when memory is full. Downloaded temperature history is displayed as a PDF with a graph and summary data, including highest and lowest temperatures, average temperature, time spent in alarm, degree minutes and MKT calculations, and when the unit was started, stopped and downloaded. Tabular data and CSV files are also generated by the software, showing details for each data point.

This data logger is an important tool for monitoring ambient air in temperature controlled environments, such as cold storage warehouses, distribution centers, processing areas and in delivery vehicles. It provides valuable temperature history used for making cold chain management decisions, as well as for validation, thermal mapping, and documentation required for audits, inspections and regulatory compliance. FlashPDF Program Manager Software downloads reports as PDF and CSV files, which are easily shared by email and archived.

● Single channel, internal sensor for ambient air temperature
● User Programmable: manual or automatic start, sample interval, alarm limits, data tags
● Large, easy to read LCD display
● Remaining Battery Indicator (low battery)
● Trip history statistics available on LCD
● NIST traceable and CE Mark
● USB Connection

Applications: Produce, Prepared Foods, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Storage Units, Refrigerators