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Chauvin Arnoux DataView® Software

Brand: Chauvin Arnoux

Model No: CA6165

Order Code: P01102095

Stock Status : Instock

Price : 1,743.00 AED (Including VAT)

Chauvin Arnoux DataView® Software

The simple-to-use DataView® software automatically recognizes the instrument connected to the PC and gives the user direct access to the data recorded in the instrument, its configuration and the real-time data.

DATAView® automatically generates measurement reports or creates new customized reports on request.

This tool also offers a large number of additional functions for greater user comfort or for more detailed analysis: a zoom on the graphs to analyse certain parts more closely, display of various recorded parameters on request, export of stored data into Excel, linking and integration of objects (OLE), etc.
The instruments are connected to the PC via USB, RS232 or Bluetooth, depending on the model.

It provides a single software platform for operating most Chauvin Arnoux products, including:
QualiStar C.A 8331, C.A 8333, C.A 8336 and C.A 8435 power analysers
C.A 8220 and C.A 8230 power controllers
PEL102 and PEL103 power and energy loggers
C.A 6470N, C.A 6471 and C.A 6472 earth testers
C.A 6543, C.A 6547, C.A 6549, C.A 6550 and C.A 6555 insulation testers
F407 and F607 multimeter clamps
All the SIMPLE LOGGER 2 models
C.A 6417 earth clamps
C.A 6116N C.A 6117 multi-function installation testers
DTR8510 ratiometer

The following minimum configuration is required:
Windows XP / Windows Vista & Windows 7/8 (32/64 bit)
256MB of RAM for Windows XP
1GB of RAM for Windows Vista & Windows 7/8 (32 bit)
2GB of RAM for Windows Vista & Windows 7/8 (64 bit)
80MB space on hard disk (200MB recommended)

Please note
DataView software is purchased from us in the first instance as a physical product, i.e a CD installation.
You are then able to download subsequent releases directly from Chavin Arnoux's website having created a customer login account with them.