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Besantek BST-LAN10: LAN Cable Tester

Brand: Besantek

Model No: BST-LAN10

Order Code: BST-LAN10

Warranty: 1 Year

Stock Status : Instock

Price : 463.00 AED (Including VAT)

BESANTEK BST-LAN10 LAN Cable tester is a newly designed tool that can easily test the correct pin configuration of the RJ45/RJ11 modular cables, 10/100 base-T cable and Token Ring cable etc. By comparing one transmitting end and the corresponding receiving end, the BST-LAN10 LAN cable tester also can test installed cables far away by using the remote receiving unit. The BST-LAN10 provides the variety for wiring check such as cable continuity, open status, short status and miss-wired.

● Designed for RJ45/RJ11 modular cables,10/100 base-T cable and token ring cable.
● The LAN cable tester can verify cable continuity, open, short circuit and miss-wired.
● The remote receiving unit is available for installed cables far away either on the wall plates or on the patch panels.
● Auto and manual scan functions.
● Ground wire test.
● Lock status function.
● Buzzer sound warning for wire status.
● Display: LED indication for wire status.
● Accessories: Instruction Manual, BNC testing cables, self-test cable, carry case, battery, multi-wire testing cables (optional).