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Apera PC60-Z Smart Multi-Parameter Pocket Tester Kit

Brand: Apera

Model No: PC60-Z

Order Code: PC60-Z

Warranty: 1 Year

Stock Status : 2 - 4 Weeks

Price : 830.00 AED (Including VAT)

The Apera PC60-Z Smart Multi-Parameter Pocket Tester is the next-generation product designed for a seamless water test experience. Professional measurements for pH, conductivity (EC), TDS (ppm), salinity (ppt), resistivity, and ORP (needs a separate ORP probe) now become easier than ever. Just connect the tester to your smartphone with Bluetooth in the ZenTest Mobile App (free download in Apple and Google Play App Store), and you will be just a few taps away from performing professional water quality tests. Use the ZenTest App in demo device mode to try it out! Cloud-based data management system – allows you to record, manage, and share your test data at your fingertips, and never have to worry about data loss.

Comprehensive Information Display – 4 types of measurement display modes to serve you in different situations. Upgraded replaceable pH probe – More durable and easier to use: the new double-junction blue sensor significantly reduces the chance of a clogged junction, and completely eliminates the chance of any air bubble forming inside the sensor, making it ideal for measuring complex or dirty solutions, and ensuring stable and consistent pH measurements. A spear pH probe (PH60S-DE for solid samples) and a flat pH probe (PH60F-DE for flat surface tests) are compatible with the tester as well to meet your specific needs. Hybrid design – your smartphone’s battery running low? No worries. This product can be used as a classic tester even without connecting to a smartphone.