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Apera GS2 Soil Spear pH Pen Tester (Gen II)

Brand: Apera

Model No: GS2

Order Code: GS2

Warranty: 1 Year

Stock Status : Instock

Price : 1,090.00 AED (Including VAT)

Apera GroStar® Series GS2 Soil Spear pH Pen (Gen II) is a premium tester designed specifically for growers to perform professional pH tests directly in the soil, coco coir, rockwool, and many other media types as well as nutrition solutions. GroStar's intelligent and grower-friendly design reduces the guesswork so you can easily manage the success of your crops.


 The Swiss LabSen® spear soil pH probe provides accurate results with minimal maintenance in soil pH tests
 The PTFE ring of the probe prevents the junction from being clogged by soil particles, significantly increasing the service life of the probe
 Simple workflow and quick 2-point automatic calibration with electrode condition display
 The 3-color backlit LCD screen gives you clear readings in different modes even in a dark environment
 TruRead measurement mode is available for taking measurements in multiple locations and automatically displaying the average, minimum, and maximum values of all the readings
 The pH probe is replaceable, so you don't have to discard the entire pen when the probe reaches its end-of-life


 GS2 Soil Spear pH Pen with Probe
 pH 7, pH 4 Calibration Solution (50ml bottle each)
 3M KCL Storage Solution (10ml bottle)
 Hole Dibber
 Probe Cleaning Brush
 Lanyard & User Manual