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Vibration Calibration

Vibration testing is critical for the discernment of any machine with a rotating shaft in its operation.  From small motors to the giant generators used by electric companies, even the shaft of propeller driven aircraft, both fixed and rotary wing – vibration testing is crucial monitor the health of the rotating parts.  After an initial test to form a baseline set of measurements, a record of vibration measured with a calibrated vibration meter is a necessity to plan for maintenance and prevent catastrophic failure.  Calibration of the vibration meter allows flexibility in the choice of vibration meter used to track the vibration history of a machine, and thus properly plan for maintenance, and to prevent unexpected catastrophic failure. Customers who depend upon vibration monitoring can depend upon Anaum Calibration Lab for calibration of their vibration meters and sensors.

From handheld all in one vibration meters to meters with detachable vibration sensors Anaum Calibration Lab can calibrate these devices. 


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