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Torque Calibration

Our torque wrench calibration and torque meter calibration services cater to both high-torque applications (such as airlines manufacturing and maintenance) and those with very exacting low-torque requirements (such as medical implants). Our customers depend on us to accurately and quickly source, calibrate and repair their torque tools.

Anaum offers Torque Calibration as high as 1500 N.m and as low as 1.25 N.m. On receipt an 'As Found' calibration will be carried out where possible. If the results do not fall within specification the wrench will either be adjusted or a service exchange offered.

Calibration Certificates are in accordance with the current standard for hand torque tools BS EN ISO 6789:2003. The certificate shows the nominal torque applied and the measured torque readings.

Anaum employs Norbar TWL1500 Torque Wrench Loader with three transducers ranging 1.25 to 25 Nm, 7.5 to 150 Nm and 30 to 1500 Nm which will provide an accurate and reliable calibration.

Torque Calibration Capabilities


Torque Screwdrivers

Dial Wrenches

Electronic Torque Wrenches

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Torque Meters


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