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Temperature Calibration

Temperature calibration

Anaum Calibration Services gives you accurate and reliable temperature calibration services. We work according to Internationally Recognized Standards and are happy to discuss your requirements in advance.

Anaum’s ISO 17025 Accredited Temperature Calibration services accommodate a wide range of instruments to meet the crucial precision temperature measurement requirements of our customers.

Our lab contains several profiled baths, dry block calibrators, Infrared Calibrator and precision platinum standard thermometers which offer very low uncertainties.

Anaum able to provide accredited calibrations on a wide range of temperature source and measuring instruments and artifacts from all manufacturers. From handheld thermometers, secondary/industrial level RTDs and thermocouples to benchtop dry block calibrators and temperature baths. We also offer the convenience of high quality on-site calibration services at your location, calibrated to OEM or custom specifications.

Temperature Calibration Capabilities   Accredited Temperature Calibration Capabilities
Digital Thermometers Infrared Thermometers IR Thermometer  Dry Block Calibrators
Thermocouples RTDs 35   to 120 °C, CMC: ± 1.5 °C -25 to 150 °C, CMC: ± 0.07 °C
Temperature Calibrator Dry Block Calibrators 120 to 500 °C, CMC: ± 3.5 °C 150 to 400 °C, CMC: ± 0.20 °C
Temperature Gauge Temperature Bath Temperature Bath 400 to 660 °C, CMC: ± 0.25 °C
Temperature Transmitter Metrology Wells - 30 to 150 °C, CMC: ± 0.02 °C 660 to 1000 °C, CMC: ± 4 °C
Temperature Controller  Temperature Indicator Air Temperature Sensors  
Temperature Sensor Thermostat 20 to 70 °C, CMC: ± 0.2 °C Thermocouples (Pure & Digital TC Thermometers) 
Temperature Recorder (Chart/Digital) Thermo Switch  PRTs (Pure & Digital RTD Thermometers) - 25 to 660 °C, CMC: ± 1.5 °C
Thermometer (Glass/Digital/Wet, Dry) Hot Air Oven - 30 to 150 °C, CMC: ± 0.04 °C 660 to 800 °C, CMC: ± 4.0 °C
Muffle Furnace Deep Freezer 150 to 400 °C, CMC: ± 0.15 °C 800 to 900 °C, CMC: ± 4.3 °C
Thermo-Hygrograph Bi-Metal Thermocouple 400 to 660 °C, CMC: ± 0.25 °C 900 to 1000 °C, CMC: ± 4.5 °C
Refrigerator Chamber  
Analog Gauge Furnace
Temperature Chart Recorder Glass Thermometer
Temperature Data Logger Thermocouple Thermometer
Freezer Air Termperature Sensors
Heating Bath / Block Oven Temperature Switches
Partial Immersion Thermometer  Oil Bath
RTD Thermometer Pyrometer
Thermocouple Probe Thermistor Probe
Temperature Transducer Water Bath
Temperature Pen Recorder Thermo-Hygrometer


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