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Pressure Calibration

At Anaum we understand that precise and accurate pressure measurements are essential to our customers’ in-process safety, compliance, and management efficiency. With the help of the modern equipment and the latest techniques, we provide thorough and professional pressure calibration services. We pride ourselves on looking after our customers and tailor our services to meet specific requirements.

Anaum able to provide accredited calibrations on a wide range of pressure measuring instruments and artifacts from all manufacturers. We also offer custom Onsite and in-process pressure calibration services, designed for your process environment and performed to either OEM or custom specifications.

Our high gauge pressure, and low pressure vacuum capabilities are ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited, and whether we’re calibrating your pressure transmitters, pressure gauges, or transducers, you can be assured that our hydraulic and pneumatic pressure calibrations will be performed with true SI unit traceability.

Anaum Calibration Services can accurately calibrate various types of pressure equipment within the following parameters:

  • Pressure and Vacuum (Pneumatic): -0.9 to 200 bar
  • Pressure (Hydraulic): 0 to 2800 bar

Our lab contains Pneumatic and Hydraulic Dead Weight Testers, Pressure Controllers, Automated Calibrators and Ultra High Pressure Pump which offer very low uncertainties. Anaum’s calibration services to consistently deliver a world-class accredited pressure and vacuum calibration.


For further details/information please contact 02-5537701 / [email protected]

Pressure Calibration Capabilities   Accredited Pressure Calibration Capabilities
Digital Pressure Gauge  Barometer Pneumatic (Gas) Pressure
Differential Pressure Gauge Compound Gauge   -1 bar to 1 bar CMC: 2 × 10¯⁴ * pe + 0.005 mbar
Pressure Chart Recorder Pressure Regulator 1 bar to 25 bar  CMC: 2 × 10¯⁴ * pe + 0.010 mbar
Pressure Calibrators Pressure Indicators 25 bar to 35 bar CMC: 0.002 bar
Pressure Relief Valve Pressure Calibrators 35 bar to 200 bar CMC: 0.04 bar
Pressure Switches Pressure Transmitter Hydraulic (Oil) Pressure
Pressure Comparators High Pressure Gauge 0 bar; 3 bar to 60 bar CMC: 2 × 10¯⁴ * pe + 0.30 mbar
Analog Pressure Gauge Low Pressure Gauge 60 bar to 1200 bar  CMC: 2.5 × 10¯⁴ * pe + 0.001 mbar
Pressure Switches Pressure Recorder 1200 bar to 2800 bar 0.1 %FS
Pressure Transducer Vacuum Switch  
Differential Pressure Gauge Pressure Indicators
Pressure Transmitter Manometer
Vacuum Gauge Analog pressure gauge


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