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Water Quality Meters

Water Testing Meters

Testing for water quality typically involves some of the most stringent regulations and rules for acceptability. Anaum International Electronics carries only the most accurate water quality testing equipment so you can get measurements that accurately reflect the true nature of the testing source. We carry a wide selection of Extech instruments for testing various water measurements, including pH, ORP, chlorine, fluoride and conductivity.

All-In-One Meters & Kits: pH, Conductivity, TDS, & Chlorine Meters

Water quality testing is often a multi-step process that requires a number of different readings. Many of the instruments we carry in our store are multifunctional so you don’t need to own a different device for every reading. We also offer comprehensive kits, such as the Extech EX900 kit that includes the equipment you need to test for chlorine, pH, ORP, and temperature.

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