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CO2 Meter

Sufficient ventilation and compliance with hygiene standards help to control the spread of infectious diseases.

The concentration of viruses and harmful substances in indoor rooms can be provably reduced by adequate ventilation. This does not mean, however, that the windows must be open all the time and that the room must cool down to the outside temperature. The frequency and duration of ventilation can be adapted to the current indoor air pollution level by using suitable test instruments. The CO2 content is a good indicator of the pollution of indoor air with respiration-dependent pollutants.

. A value of 1,000 ppm is considered to be hygienically harmless whereas between 1,000 and 2,000 ppm, ventilation is recommended and over 2,000 ppm, ventilation is required. Of course, lower values should be aimed at, taking into account that the outside air already contains 350 ppm to 440 ppm of carbon dioxide

Many public authorities, retirement homes, communities, universities, schools and kindergartens already use CO2 monitors on their premises. With the help of these meters, it can be quickly determined whether the indoor air contains so much carbon dioxide that the room should be ventilated. We offers different easy-to-handle devices for CO2 measurement. These air quality meters show the CO2 value and many models additionally show a colour coding which facilitates the evaluation of the air quality.