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Additel’s New 673 Advanced Digital Pressure Calibrators Provide a Smartphone Like Experience coupled With the Ability to Simultaneously Measure Pressure and a Transmitter

Additel Corporation introduces their new ADT673 Advanced Digital Pressure Calibrators which include a smartphone like touchscreen and graphical interface for a completely new way of interfacing the calibrator. The ADT673 Advanced Digital Pressure calibrators come with a built-in barometer and are available in pressure ranges from ±1 inH2O (2.5 mbar) to 60,000 psi (4,200 bar) and come standard with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless communications, as well as a type-C USB port and cable (RS-232 and 4-20mA output communications are optional).

Additel 673 calibrators provide an accurate pressure calibration solution for gauges, transmitters, and switches. Each calibrator contains a built-in barometer sensor which allows for the pressure reading to display in gauge pressure or absolute pressure with a simple menu selection. The ADT673 series contains HART communication capabilities and can measure in mA, or V, and supply 24V loop power. It has a dual readout display showing the pressure on one display and mA, V or a pressure switch on the other display.  Each calibrator comes with an ISO-17025 accredited certificate of calibration. It is compatible with Additel’s Link mobile app and  9502 Additel/Log II software, which enables the ability to monitor and display the real-time pressure measurements in a table or graphically.

For more details please refer to product Datasheet (Click here)
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