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Testo 925 Digital Thermometer Set

Brand: Testo

Model No: 925

Order Code: 0563 9250

Warranty: 1 Year

Stock Status : Instock

Price : 1,314.00 AED (Including VAT)

For carrying out quick and easy temperature checks on production and assembly lines. This special offer - comprising a testo 925 digital temperature meter, a surface temperature sensor and an all-in-one carrying case - ensures that you have all your tools at your fingertips to carry out quick and reliable temperature checks.
The surface sensor and the flexible thermocouple strip, which adapts easily to any surface, allow you to measure the temperature of rough, uneven surfaces in as little as three seconds.
Special offer incl. testo 925 temperature meter – your benefits
The testo 925 temperature meter is ideal for carrying out temperature checks in industrial and commercial settings:
One sensor for immediate connection (surface temperature sensor part of special offer); optional sensors – also wireless sensor – available
Backlit display
User-defined thresholds
Audible alarm warns when threshold is exceeded
Hold key
Continuous min/max display

Surface temperature sensor with flexible thermocouple strip:
Super-fast reaction time
Flexible thermocouple strip
Also suitable for rough and uneven surfaces
Prevents tilt which could otherwise result in incorrect readings
Temporary measuring range -50 °C to +500 °C (otherwise -60 °C to +300 °C)
All-in-one carrying case for your temperature meter and sensors:
One case for all your tools
Slim, business-style, zip-up design; rugged, rounded-off edges
For safe and convenient transport and quick and convenient use
Designed for daily use: case can be opened easily; meter can be removed effortlessly

Equipment Includes
testo 925 digital temperature meter, batteries, surface temperature sensor with flexible thermocouple strip, carrying case.